Oregon Skating Council Member Clubs coordinate the annual testing calendar to assist coaches and skaters in moving through their test levels easily. Members of any OSC Club can test at any other Member Club for the same fee.  Other testers are welcome but they are charged an admin fee and require the approval of their Home Club Test Chair.

Since 2015 we have been using Entryeeze for our registration system.  Following is the link to Entryeeze as well as the upcoming year’s test schedule.

REGISTER   http://comp.entryeeze.com/Membership/Welcome.aspx?cid=125


Check this site periodically as the schedule gets revised throughout the year.


We are offering more frequent tests but they will be constrained to 2 hours (with the exception of the end of August test session and tests sessions downstate).  This made it easier for the Portland  rinks to fit us into their schedules.  Accordingly, skaters will usually be accepted on a first come first serve basis.  When there are too many skaters for the current test session, they will go into the front of the line at the next test session in the Portland area.  Coaches please prepare your skaters and/or their guardians for this new procedure.  It will require more advance planning on your parts.